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If you’re looking for honest reviews of high quality or luxury makeup and skin care for sensitive skin, melasma, dark spots or vitiligo, this is the beauty blog for you! If you just want radiant skin, you’ll love my recommended products too!

My recommended better beauty products are at minimum paraben-free, and I feature many natural and organic skin care and makeup brands as well.

Pictures, images and review of I love Herbivore's organic green Emerald glowing face oil for my melasma and hyperpigmentation. Squalane is a start ingredient of this hemp based oil.

Herbivore Botanical’s Glowing Skin Clean Beauty Stars: Emerald Oil and Prism Serum

I love that clean beauty is becoming more accessible than ever to the average gal and indie beauty brand Herbivore has done a wonderful job gaining traction across retailers. I’ve tried most of their products over the years but I truly love their newest launches. It’s so wonderful that their newest products are more versatile…

True Botanicals Renew collection review and pictures. I love the Antioxidant Booster and Cellular Repair Serum

True Botanicals Skin Care Renew Collection Review – Great for Melasma and AntiAging

Finally making some time to review my vast collection of True Botanicals! Funny story, Instagram was the first platform to “sense” that I was pregnancy in 2017 and True Botanicals was one of the first ads I got served for their hydrate, pregnancy-safe skin care collection. I started trying their line last fall and I’ve…

Hourglass Cosmetics foundation stick review - full coverage foundation to cover melasma, concealer for upper lip melasma and ambient contouring palette images

Hourglass Foundation Stick Review: Best Full Coverage Foundation for Melasma with a Natural Finish

I make it my mission to find the best foundations to cover melasma and each one I try has the misfortune to be compared to Hourglass Vanish Seamless foundation stick! Read more about my Hourglass makeup routine and why you should consider the luxury beauty brand. This luxury cruelty free cosmetic line with vegan makeup…

I used Drunk Elephant, Marie Veronique lightening serum and Maya Chia the super couple to almost cure my upper lip melasma mustache! This is an incredible melasma treatment system I found after almost 15 years of living with melasma.

How to Get Rid of Melasma – Best Fast, Clean Beauty Upper Lip Melasma Treatment

I’m giddy with excitement. This is only the tip of the iceberg. This past winter I’ve seen the most improvement in my melasma since the decade+ I’ve been trying to treat it.  This is part 1 of what has been working to majorly reduce the appearance of my melasma and dark spots…without prescription hydroquinone or retinoids….