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Posts about how to deal with and treat adrenal fatigue symptoms, eat better, and improve stress levels. This also includes my reviews of the Adrenal Reset Diet book by Alan Christianson, NMD.

Pictures of beautiful jeweled, neon, emerald and tortoise shell statement necklaces. These were some of my favorite statement necklaces, but they put too much pressure on my neck and shoulders. I gave them to friends instead of wearing them. Reducing necklace wearing majorly improved my neck and shoulder tension and provided TMJ relief.

6 Months Free from TMJ! and Neck Pain: How I Got Rid of Jaw Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder & Neck Pain for Good

What do these beautiful statement necklaces have in common? They aren’t mine any more. They were beautiful. I loved them. But I gave them to friends. These huge necklaces were too heavy for me and significantly impact my neck pain and TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Well really not just those, but sometimes any necklace. Or…