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Archives of the natural and organic beauty products featured on this natural beauty and health blog about vitiligo and meslasma


Bite Beauty Multistick natural and organic paraben-free lipstick and cream cheek color - reviews and swatches.

Bite Beauty Multistick Swatches and Reviews – Natural Lipsticks and Cream Blush Stick

Yep – another lipstick review! Let’s recap: I LOVE lipsticks because I think they distract from the unsightly upper lip melasma. I’m still on the hunt for a good coral lipstick replacement. I’m sensitive to ingredients and scents so I try most natural ingredient lipsticks I can find. I need phthalate and paraben-free lipstick. I…

Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation Fluid Organic Makeup for Melasma and Vitiligo

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid Review – For Melasma and Vitiligo Coverage

I general like most Josie Maran organic cosmetics like the Argan Daily Moisturizer, and her Vibrancy foundation fluid is no exception. It’s a great formula but does it provide enough full coverage for the melasma and vitiligo on my face? Josie Maran Organic Vibrancy Foundation Review: The Good: Great color selection. Beautiful finish – satin…

Picture of Cover FX Total Cover cream foundation with Sephora and Stila makeup brushes

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation Review for Melasma and Vitiligo – Dermablend Alternative

A few years ago when I first started getting serious about finding full-coverage foundation makeup to cover the vitiligo and melasma on my face, I thought Dermablend cover creme was my only option. I would sample it but I couldn’t get over the thickness and the unscented scent. I did lots of researched and tried…